Audacity: Export audio (MP3) from MP4 file


Please follow these steps if you start fresh:

  1. If you already have these 2 plugins configured properly, skip to the step 7
  2. Download the necessary files:
  3. Install Audacity as normal and extract all ZIP file (save it somewhere you can access it later)
  4. Open Audacity > Edit > Preference… > Libraries
  5. Locate the MP3 and FFMPEG plugins:
    • Click MP3 Library > Locate.. button > Browse… and look for the the DLL file in the LAME folder that you extracted in step 2. (lame_enc.dll)
    • Click FFmpeg Library > Locate.. button > Browse… and look for the the DLL file in the FFmpeg folder that you extracted in step 2. (avformat-55.dll)
  6. OK to save and exit Preference
  7. Open the Audacity > File > Open
  8. Select the MP4 file and let Audacity process it. Once it’s done, you will see the audio waves and you can modify if you’d like to.
  9. Select File > Export > Export as MP3 > select your preferred Bit Rate Mode > Save
  10. You are done

Now you copy this MP3 file to your USB, or fav players.

Hope this helps!


Gigabyte GA-X79-UD3 and Sleep mode in Windows 7

Recently I upgraded my system to LGA2011 CPU and used Gigabyte GA-X79-UD3 F20 motherboard. I used to have problem with sleep mode in Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit and I tried everything with no luck at all.

All the sudden, I think my PCI sound card (Audigy ZS2) may cause the sleep problem?!? Yep, I took it out and the sleep mode is now working like it should.

If anyone has the same problem like me, you can try to take some add-on cards out 🙂

Remember, before you do anything, check the Gigabyte’s website for latest BIOS update.

Hope this helps,


Disable Ads in uTorrent

If you have downloaded something from P2P website, you might come cross the uTorrent application, it’s a tiny P2P client for most of operating systems. I’m running uTorrent 3.3.2.

Originally, it doesn’t come with ads. Now, it does have ads and sometime you just hate them.

This will show you how to disable them. This guide is for Windows users but it may work for Mac users as well (need to confirm).

1st, Open uTorrent application

2nd, go to Options > Preferences > Advanced

3rd, you will type the following, one by one, in the empty box next to Filter:


then look for,

offers.left_rail_offer_enabled — set value=False

offers.sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled — set value=False


Next, type:


then look for,

gui.show_plus_upsell — set value=False


Click OK when you finished.

Close (X) all the windows, make sure you right-click on the uTorrent’s icon on Taskbar and select Exit.

Open uTorrent application again. Woah, no more ads.

Hope this helps,


Source: LifeHacker

Read/write info to Asset Tag in BIOS (Lenovo Thinkpad Laptop)

For some reasons you want to remove the Asset tag in BIOS of a laptop (in my case, it’s the Lenovo and I’m on Windows 7)

First, you go here to get the utility to read/write information to the Asset tag


Then download,

Utility to Read and Write Asset ID Information — 6iaw03ww.exe — it could be a different file name.

Make sure you know where to save the exe file (eg. save on the Desktop)

Run the exe file to extract the utility. You can extract to your preferred drive (C, D or whatever) or its default directory.

In my case, I just use the default location (C:\Drivers\WINAIA)

Now it’s time to edit the Asset Tag.

Click Start button and type cmd into the box, right click on cmd.exe and select Run as administrator, click Yes if you see a confirmation



Type the following commands on ONE line and end with the Enter button.

Screenshot 2013-11-12 03.11.37


cd drivers\winaia

Now you should see, C:\Drivers\WinAIA\

To see the current Asset tag info, type

WinAIApackage.exe –get  [an window will pop up and show you the current info on your Asset tag, Click OK on the pop up to close it]


Example of Asset info

To set the Asset Tag, type (including the quotation marks)

WinAIAPackage.exe –set “USERASSETDATA.ASSET_NUMBER=this_could_be_anything” [click Yes to confirm if any]

That’s all I need to change but there are more if you want to play around with this.

This is the full list of commands you can use from Lenovo

All options, group names and field names are case-insensitive, except for the USERDEVICE group and the prefix value.

If no options are specified or an incorrect option is specified, then the help text for the utility is displayed.

Here is a list of the valid group names and their associated fields:

USERDEVICE [field1] – These fields are defined by the user.
: Maximum number of user fields is five.




Sources: Lenovo Support

Xmarks Freezes on Firefox

Updated: You should be able to download directly from Firefox via Add-on menu. It’s fixed =)

I’m using Xmarks to sync all my bookmarks too all browsers I’m using. It works perfectly on Chrome and IE but Firefox. I found out the problem that Firefox addon’s website didn’t update the latest version of Xmarks.

When I updated the Xmarks to the latest version, the problem solved.

This link shows you where to get the latest version of Xmarks.

Open your Firefox browser, copy/paste the link below to your address bar


Download the Version 4.2.4 (9/7/13) by left click on it, and hit Install when asked.

Restart the Firefox browserxmakr

Check on your bottom left of the Firefox, you will see Xmark logo > click on it > Run Setup Wizard (to fill your info)

I think you can do it from here.



Elan Touchpad Driver

Recently I have problem with the Elan touchpad on my Samsung Series 9, it does not remember the setting on Windows 8.1. I tried to go the Elan/Samsung website, there is nothing for me do download.

I think all the Elan drivers are similar so I google it, yes I got the new Elan driver and it’s working perfectly. I thought I would share.

Here is the link to the Elan driver, be sure check your driver version first (Control panel > Mouse > Elan Tab)


Update: Please go to the link below and download the newest version of Elan touchpad, I hope it will work.


This website has a lot more useful drivers!