HP Laptop BIOS update – Problem and Solution!

Recently, I downloaded the new update BIOS from HP website and tried to install on my laptop. It went through all processes and shut down the laptop as it should. I turn on the laptop and it stop at the HP logo, and that’s it. (Of course I downloaded the right BIOS and it can’t be wrong.

My laptop is HP dv4-1117nr. The working BIOS before the update was F22, my BIOS ID is 30F7, and I am using Intel Graphic Card. eg. 30F7F22U.FD

Your BIOS ID may vary but you can take a look at this diagram below

  |  || ||_|_____ EFI BIOS file
  |  ||_|________ Version number
  |__|___________ Model specific

I did some researches on website (here and there) and found out what need to be done. Also, you will need a USB flash drive any size (small GBs are preferred–eg. 1, 2, 4GB), and it needs to be formatted to FAT

Here what I did:

  1. Go to again to re-download the my old BIOS version (F22) — your BIOS version may vary.
  2. Extract that EXE file by using 7-Zip (or the one you prefer)
  3. Make sure you know your BIOS ID, for example, mine is 30F7.
  4. Find the BIOS file 30F7F22U.FD, copy this to your FAT formatted flash drive, and rename it to 30F7.BIN
  5. Disconnect the AC adapter
  6. Remove the battery from the notebook.
  7. Inserted the USB thumb drive into one of the USB ports on the notebook (any USB ports)
  8. Hold down the ‘Windows’ Key and the ‘B’ key.
  9. Connect the AC adapter while holding those two keys
  10. Pressed the ‘Power’ button on the notebook then release those two keys when the LEDs on.

After about 10 seconds the notebook started reading the USB thumb drive.

While searching for the file the notebook beeped once a second. The number of beeps varied, depending on how big the thumb drive was and the number of files on the thumb drive, from just one beep to many.

If the file was not found, the notebook would reset itself and try again.

If the file was found then it took about 12 seconds for the notebook to load it.
No beeping sounds heard during the loading time.

When loaded the notebook started flashing, indicated by beeps every 2 seconds.
This took about 32 seconds.

Hope this will help someone who has the same problem as mine.