Audacity: Export audio (MP3) from MP4 file


Please follow these steps if you start fresh:

  1. If you already have these 2 plugins configured properly, skip to the step 7
  2. Download the necessary files:
  3. Install Audacity as normal and extract all ZIP file (save it somewhere you can access it later)
  4. Open Audacity > Edit > Preference… > Libraries
  5. Locate the MP3 and FFMPEG plugins:
    • Click MP3 Library > Locate.. button > Browse… and look for the the DLL file in the LAME folder that you extracted in step 2. (lame_enc.dll)
    • Click FFmpeg Library > Locate.. button > Browse… and look for the the DLL file in the FFmpeg folder that you extracted in step 2. (avformat-55.dll)
  6. OK to save and exit Preference
  7. Open the Audacity > File > Open
  8. Select the MP4 file and let Audacity process it. Once it’s done, you will see the audio waves and you can modify if you’d like to.
  9. Select File > Export > Export as MP3 > select your preferred Bit Rate Mode > Save
  10. You are done

Now you copy this MP3 file to your USB, or fav players.

Hope this helps!


Remove purchased information on M4A files in iTunes

This tweak shows you how to remove the purchased information on songs brought from iTunes. (The songs could be a collection from different sources and somehow you have it.)

This is one of the reasons causes the pop-up asking usernam/password on your iPod touch/iPhone/iPad when you restore those devices from a backup WITH the music collection you have. For example, this one from Apple forum.

This is how you do it,

Open iTunes and left-click on your Music library. (I think the default setting when you get the latest version of iTunes is Music library already. If you see your songs already, you’re ready to jump to the next step)

Right-click anywhere on the columns showing Name, Time, Artist, Album,… look for Kind and left-click on it. Make sure you left-click on Kind column to sort all your songs by Kind.

After you sort by Kind, you will see if it’s a purchase ACC files or just the ACC files.


Sort by Kind

Right-click on the song you would like to remove the purchase information. If you want to check if that song is yours or somebody else, click on Get Info to see that info.


Check song’s info.


Example of the purchase info

If you would like to remove that info, left-click on Create ACC version instead of Get Info.


The new ACC file without purchase info will be in your Music folder. The default ACC quality is iTunes Plus which is equivalent to 256kbps. You can adjust this quality in iTunes’ Preferences (Edit > Preferences > General tab > Import settings). Pick option you have in there, higher that 256kbps is good but the size of ACC files will be increased).


Purchase info. is gone now. 😛

That’s all. I hope you can follow my steps.