Restore *.wim files on Dell systems

For some reason you can not restore the system but you are able to copy the wim files.

Just follow these steps, you will be able to restore your system

-Windows command line in dvd installation
-move to D drive (eg. *.wim files location) with command
type: cd\ Enter then D: Enter
-type: imagex /apply d:\directory\*.wim 1 c:\

It should be done in 15-20min


This can be apply to any systems but the result may vary.

As I found out today. I was successful by using the ImageX GUI app from Hiren’s BootCD.

By using this way, I do I have to fix the Startup problem (Missing boot manager after running the ImageX GUI).

After fixing that problem with the Windows DVD installation (running two times). It depends on your system then you will need to use 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows DVD installation

When it can boot normally, it should be able to finish the rest of the recovery in the Windows.